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Sport Massage

600 DKK

60 '

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Sports massage is a deep muscle therapy that helps release the musculoskeletal pain, stress, tension, or injury caused by intense exercise or sedentary work. It is not a regular serene treatment that you would find in any fancy spa. Instead, it is a clinical massage that offers a variety of soft tissue techniques to alleviate pain, stresses, and strains. It improves the mobility of your body, relieves anxiety, and strengthens muscle movements. It also improves blood flow, builds confidence, and aids nutrients by removing waste from the body and recovering the soft tissues. Sports massage is a remedial treatment for any athlete who participates in a high-performance sport. It is recommended to integrate regular sports massage therapies to avoid DOMS (Delay Onset of Muscle Soreness), leverage, and strengthen your body. At BodyWorkz you can be treated with the best sports massage techniques based on our client’s needs to help them enhance in their training, maintains physical fitness and long term wellness.

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